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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is digital image correlation?

Digital image correlation (DIC) is an image analysis method for measuring shape and deformations by correlating a series of digital images. The algorithm is well presented in a series of journal papers and books. Due to rapid development of digital imaging technology DIC technology has been successfully applied in both static and dynamic measurements. DIC can also measure strains from less than 0.1% to more than 100%.

2. How accurate is DIC?

DIC is an accurate and flexible method compared to other measurement technics. Several factors, such as speckle quality, image resolution and quality, affects the accuracy of DIC result.

3. Do I need special cameras, and training?

Yes. While consumer cameras can be used for certain DIC analyses it is highly recommended to use industrial CCD cameras. High speed cameras must be used for highly dynamic experiments. The training of using the DIC software and preparing speckles is relatively straight-forward. More sophisticated trainings are usually for taking images for microscope measurement and high speed measurement.

4. Do I need special cameras, and training?

You can fill in an online form and a representative will contact you. You call also call SpeckleTrack directly. SpeckleTrack offers flexible lease terms and pricing.