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SpeckleTrack DIC 2D

SpeckleTrack LLC offers a suite of software that suits customer needs. SpeckleTrack DIC 2D is the flagship software that computes displacement and various strains (tensors) on planar surfaces. It can measure large and small deformations (stretches and rotations). SpeckleTrack DIC 2D is optimized for modern multi-core processors for fastest processing, and it supports various 64-bit platforms such as Windows, Linux and MAC. SpeckleTrack DIC 2D has an interface to both industry and consumer cameras. Sample preparation and image acquisition are straight-forward. No special lighting is required.

A plate with a center hole is stretched horizontally. The speckle is applied on the specimen surface. The colored area is the computed area with color representing the surface displacement. Contour lines for the displacement are shown as well.


SpeckleTrack DIC software offers flexible licensing to best suit customer needs. Individual license can be purchased for a single computer. A USB dongle will be supplied to use the software. Software can be installed on multiple computers but only the computer that has the USB dongle plugged in can run the software.

SpeckleTrack DIC software also offers floating license for large institutions where the license is installed on a server. Individual computer can check out a license from the license server to run the software. The number of computers that can run the software simultaneously depends on the license terms.